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キノウ土曜日は。久しぶりに手製のパジャマパンツを履いた。偖、彼女たちのところへ向かいます。about yesterday saturday was. it's been awhile haven't wear my hand made pants and head to my girl's house.
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夜勤明け眠らず。走る。走る。空は秋空のよう。drove to her home after got off night duty even i haven't sleep well. above the sky looks like autumn.
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料理家suttoco kinacoのゆかりちゃん。アクセサリーデザイナーhi corazónのヒロミちゃん。ms yukari from suttoco kinaco and ms hiromi from hi corazon.
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酵素ジュース。enzyme juice.
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綺麗な紫色を撮す二人。took picture of beautiful purple col juice.
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ゆかりちゃんがたくさんの美味しいごはんを作ってくれた。感激。涙。ms yukari cooked them delicious foods for us. i'm so happy.
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そしてまた撮るお嬢たち。and then they took picture of foods.
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緑のペーストは小松菜。薩摩芋のサラダにはカルダモンが入っているぅ。green paste is mustard spinach. sweet potato salad with cardamom.
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酵素玄米にはしらすとかぼす。enzyme brown rice with sitrus and dried young sardine.
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ゆかりちゃん凄いんだぁ。ぱぁ〜っとなんでも作っちゃう。味付けはシンプルそれでいて深い味わいなのよ。感謝。大地に感謝。ゆかりに感謝。she is amazingly good chef. quickly to cook everything and taste is simple even tho taste so flavorful. appreciate earth and her hahah.
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そしてまた撮る。took pictures and then.
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奄美の黒糖を使ったガトーショコラ。ms yukari made gateau au chocolate by brown sugar from amami island.
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豆乳の生クリームもラム酒を入れてさっと作り上げたのよ。she quick to cook whip cream with rum in person.
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どのお料理もとっても美味しかった。美味しいもの食べられるって幸せね。酵素やヘルシーなごはんおかげでお腹がすぐにぐるぐるしてきたよぉ。any foods are very delicious absolutely delicious. we are happy to delicious foods.  hey my stomach so bubble by her foods that mean to so healthy huh.
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ゆかりちゃんありがとう。thanks ms yukari. i appreciate.
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三人できゃーきゃーたくさん喋って楽しかった。ヒロミちゃんセッティングしてくれてありがとうきゃーん。had great fun time with yall chatting laghing eating. also thanks ms hiromi for having this party.
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なんでだろう〜。この二人と逢うときはパジャマを履きたくなるのわ。それとETHOSの MA1。 wonder why dressed pajama pants with ethos ma1 when i see that girls.

suttoco kinaco : http://suttocokinaco.com
hi corazón : http://hi-corazon.blogspot.jp

キョウ日曜日は。about today sunday is.
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昨晩のゆかりちゃんごはん弁当ボックスとビスケ。鳥取のアノお方の金胡麻も。i ate ms yukari's meal with bento box and biscuits. i bought sesame from mr maru's one.
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週末は色色なものが届きました。きゃん。車輪つきの灯油タンク。可愛い。i recieved bunch of stuff on this weekend. oil tank with wheels. looks so lovely.
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good design賞なモノ。らぶ。this tank got an award.
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英国製のsimplexのケトル。simplex kettle of simplex by england.
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UFOのようなケトルの底。コイルが巻いてありマス。like UFO that bottom of kettle.
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ずっと欲しかったアラジンのブルーフレーム。i've been wanting to get the stove of aladdin.
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やっぱりカッコいい。ぁぁぁあああああ。aw how look so tight.
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アラジン越しのヴェルベットアンダーグランド。the velvet underground through aladdin.
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お茶時間。tea time.
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アラジンとsimplex。素敵。amazingly beautiful aladdin and simplex.
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おやすみなさい。good night.

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