wicked game

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光と影の中で。ボイン。うふ。big boob in the lights and shadows. ;p
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キョウは拉麺食べに出かけます。彼奴がカメラ持っています。撮ります。キョウの彼奴は変梃な写真撮らないそうです。we are going to the spot that hitting to famous noodle bar today. he is handling my camera. he is gonna flicks. he is gonna take picture of stupid some.
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車中から通りすがりのflick。確かに良い感じ。he took stranger from in my car. oh yeah exactly he took some cool picture.
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うちにあるフェンダーのポスターのような構図。を、撮ろうと試みるが。バスの窓ガラスと交錯する。奇蹟。he tryna take picture of my fender poster but crossing window of the bus. even tho could took pick of him that miracle.
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朽ちた木。貴男好きね。rotten tree that you like it.
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走る。化粧する。make up as driving.
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ザキ?また変梃な写真撮ろうと試みたが。撮れず?he tryna take picture of funny shit but couldn't?
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銀杏キャラ。ginkgo anime.
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めっちゃ気になる。デッカい耳当て。欲しい!can't take my eyes. look!big ear muffs!i want it!
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彼奴のサングラスを勝手にかける。”大内順子みたい”とふたりで想ふ。tryna put his sunglass. we fought look like japanese old model.
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到着。we arrived.
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拉麺屋からはワタシが撮ります。switched. imma take picture of noodles.
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八王子の圓へ行こう!と提案したワタシ。真逆の定休日。ソコを見落とす。i suggested other noodle bar but it was closed damn it.
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美味い。餃子も野菜たっぷりですきな感じ。拉麺はなんと480円。狂っている。なんて素敵なこと。heck delicious. we love that jiaozi that alotta vegees in it and the noodle is heck cheap. woo wee.
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高円寺の商店街をブラブラ。アメリカンな古着を見て回る。アメカジに萌える今日この頃なワタシ。we hang out around koenji town. checking used american clothing shop. recently i do like some american style.
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today's outfits is ETHOS long varsity jacket, LEE denim, chuck taylor.
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裏路地のステューシー。hanging the stussy's T on the back street.
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彼奴は目聡くレコード屋を見つける。he shrewdly found records shop.
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然し凡て高い。but any stuff very expensive.
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hawkwindのバッジ欲しい。i want hawkwind's badge.
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甘いものを買いに吉祥寺へ。dropped kichijoji town for get sweets some.
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彼奴行く。he is going.
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彼奴買う。he bought it.
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天音の鯛焼き。初めてのデート?で食べた?ふふふん。fish shaped pancakes. we ate that pancake at first date. ; )
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偖、風呂に入り。夜勤に行きますか。well, imma take shower and gotta go to night duty.


i can't close my eyes and make go away

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キノウはテンダーロイン着て。about yesterday is. i wore the tenderloin.
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ゴローズ付けて。put the goro's belt.
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バックシートに弟のブランド”コアファイター”のジャケット積んで。put the corefighter's jacket who my bro designed one on the back seat.
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迎えに来た。came swoop him up.
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隣の車に。なんちゃってフェリックス。next car has fake felix sticker.
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いつもの場所。our spot.
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彼奴は綺麗に分けてくれマス。he served for me as always.
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さぁ帰ろう。let's on the way to home.
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その前に。before that.
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ミニストップの安納芋のアイス。he ordered sweet potato ice cream.
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すきなひと。my favorite girrrrr.
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キョウは雨だったからビーンブーツで出勤。it was rainy day today then i wore the bean boots for work.
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仕事の帰り道。聴きたくなった。somehow made me want to listen the album when i was heading to home.
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like a song すき。i do like the song of like a song.
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明日はムフフ。about tomorrow is. . . . . . . . we ll see wassup.
さぁ寝よう。ナイナイ。good night.

ぁぁぁあああああああ ちゃま!圓行こうよ!