when you were young

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来た。here we come.
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すっげぇ腹ヘッタ。we were damn hungry. photo c439f24d-fde7-4283-85dd-86c341d5e08c_zps8b2c7022.jpg
昨日もキョウもラーメン。たんめん。we ate noodle yesterday, today.
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ブラックデニムとブラックウォッシュデニム。black denim and wash black denim.
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食べ過ぎ感が否めないので散歩。guess we ate too much then we had walk at the forest.
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草木や土の香り。懐かしい。子供の頃を想い出すね。smell of tree and plants, the soil is reminiscences about when we were kid.
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気持ちいい。feel good.
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コレも気持ちいい。also the jump is feel good.
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夕暮れ。getting dark.
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闇の静寂しじま。tranquility in the dark.
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歩け。歩け。歩け。walk in the forest.
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とにかく歩いて。anyhow let's walk.
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曼珠沙華。red spider lily.
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近所の美味しい韓国食品やで。豚足。夜ごはん。we got pig's trotter for dinner.
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beanie sigel の feel in the air が流れた。この曲をサンプリングしてるの。
playing the song feel in the air by beanie sigel. the song use raphael ravenscroft's song for sampling.







we was driving go past the shop that the young lust murder was working after the murder released from  rehabilitation facilities. 

we was watching news over and over.

but we don't know the case of the real facts then we checked.

the lust murder case really disgusted on me and him.

but those murders are not so rare case, it's might lust murder right next to living
that we was talking bout. 

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shirt : ethos denim : cosmic wonder shoes : keds
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掃除しながら中島みゆきは駄目ね。the songs nah much on clean up.
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寒水魚。her album.
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このカラーの名前がすき。” after school boy blazer ”
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ジャックニコルソン, レオナルドディカプリオ, ギミーシェルター。jack nicholson, leonardo dicaprio, gimmie shelter.
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彼奴と走る。drive on the road wiz him.
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こんなに可愛い。丸い顔。how a lovely dog. round hair cut.
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彼奴が撮ってくれた。赤と赤と赤。he took pic of this one. red, red and red.
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オーロラみたいな空だねって。like he said ” the sky seems like aurora” 
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綺麗。beautiful. photo IMG_1181_zps9ea53391.jpg
来ちゃった。昨晩から決めてたの。here we come. we decided about what do we eat for saturday's dinner. hahah.
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さぁ並んで。チケット購入。let's make line and get ticket.
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このラーメン一番好きかもしれない二人。it's mite best of the noodle for us.
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大蒜ラーメンと。noodle and . . . . . . . 
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GUCCIのビットモカシン。gucci bit moccasin.
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キョウはhiphop, RBエリアを物色。we are checkin' hip hop and RB records.
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やっぱりグッとこないね。they songs are nothing much on us. hum.
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ずっと聴いていなかったトラッシュ。i haven't been listening the song.
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きゃんマサミ!と思いきや。座っているあの男は?!ヒロト?!そして彼奴に確認。aw the dude is masami!wondering is that dude hiroto?then i ask to my man ” who da fuck he is?  hiroto?” 
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彼奴が。” 見て!コーラスが豪華メンツだよ ”って。すげぇー。he said ” look, chorus is fuckin' awesome members ” i was like dayuuuumn.
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そういうこと。yes we are.
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彼奴がピカピカに磨いてくれたの。he polish up for my gucci shoes. thanks.
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サボ。これも綺麗にしなきゃ。gucci sabo. gotta polish it up.
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あのひとが残していった全てを 私はしまっておくわ
どんなに離れても いつか恋をしても

そしてもう一度 もう一度



Double Fantasy

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ガーゼシャツ着て。彼奴のところへ向かう。i'm heading to the his spot wiz gauze shirts.
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高校生以来のガーゼシャツ。袖のクシャクシャ感が好きって彼奴も言っていた。i haven't been wearring the shirts since i was teenager. like he said ”i do love the wrinkled sleeve” ” i was like i feel you mayne”
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ドキドキした。久しぶりだから。何かが変わってしまったんじゃないかって。feel like thump thump cuz we haven't see for awhile. think too much ” he might he change something hum”
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高速の下。待っている。under the express way. i'm waiting for you.
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何も変わっていなかった。 he never change. yeah he is.
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だからいつも通り。肉食いに来た。we hit the spot anyway.
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やった!レバ刺し!law lever!hell yeah! photo _MG_9559_zpsc77a46c5.jpg
彼奴は調子ブッコいて。レバーとレバーで大蒜を挟む荒技に出た!贅沢ね♡ damn he make it up!put sauce of garlic between law lever!
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このセクシーチャイナシャツ野郎がっ。dirty fucking china shirts mayne! photo _MG_9564_zps7c7469cd.jpg
色色食べますが。ここの椎茸石突きが大好き。we ate alot but we do like especially the one ” hard top of mash room ”
 photo _MG_9560_zps34721cf1.jpg  photo _MG_9561_zpsce6e8d9d.jpg  photo _MG_9563_zps4b56997d.jpg photo _MG_9566_zps86fed446.jpg
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このヘアすき。i do love his new hair do.
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私のガーゼシャツ着てはしゃいでいる。似合う。狡いよ。he makes fuckin' merry that he wore my gauze shirts. the shirts good much on him more than me damn it. 
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ボンデージジャケット。ガーゼシャツ。私のセディショナリーズのガーゼシャツは何処へ。bondage jacket and gauze shirts. where is my gauze shirts of seditionaries hum.
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帰り道。パジャマは ” saint james ”。on the way to home. i wore saint james for pajama.

なにも考えなくても 計算なんてしなくても



何にも流されない 大切な何かを持っている