country grammar

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今年に入って充実した日々を送っています。ワタクシです。新しい仕事を始めてまだ一ヶ月も経っていないにも拘らず。思った以上な額のお給金を頂き?!舞上がっています。ウフフ。i've been spending quality time starting from this year. just started new job about a month even tho i got handsome salary!so happy!hahah.
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新しい仕事は楽しくもあり、狂気の沙汰でもあり。人間の深さを感じている次第でございます。そのことについてはまたここに書記したいと思っていますが. . . . . . . . . new job is very fun or sheer madness. i've been feeling depth of human. so imma write about it on here someday.
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職場の近くに咲く臘梅。wintersweet blooming by near my place of work. 
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パキスタン産の絨毯。carpet from pakistan.
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中国産の無花果柄の絨毯。ペルシャ絨毯敷こうと思い福生にあるペルシャ絨毯屋へ行ったの。fig tree's pattern carpet from china. here i came for get carpet of persian.
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チームジャケット。team jacket.
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ジェレミースコットの。from jeremy scott.
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クリーニングに出したけど。なんだか臭い。ホホホ。send to laundry but still something stink hahah.
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H&Mで購入のルームソックス。got room sox from H&M. photo ecd43c9c-37fb-4db9-b139-9c5c16e34087_zpsbfaf25db.jpg
彼奴と近所のラーメンや。here we came the noodle restaurant.
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色色な調味料を使ってみた。he tryna put alala seasonings.
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お揃いvans。pair vans.
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仕事終わって輝サンのところへ。hitting to mr teru's hair salon.
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いつも可愛いおメグ。ms meg is sweet and cute as always.
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ホントは輝とおメグで来るはずだったんだけど。急遽ひとりジンギスカン。i was supposed to come to mongolian mutton bbq restaurant wiz homies but came here by myself.
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艶艶ラムちゃん。mutton looks so good huh?
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2人前平らげて。i ate 2 dishes.
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コアファイターのフェルト生地のロングブリムのキャップ被っているんだけど見えないね。can't even see the corefighter's cap that felt stuff long brim.

ぁぁあああ眠い。昨日から風邪っぴきで。今朝病院へ。可成り治ったぞ。皆様もご自愛くださいませ。awwww heck sleepy. i got cold from yesterday. went to HP then getting better. please take care of your self .

ghettowwwなクラブで男たちが暴れる曲。懐かしい。this song make us crunk up. especially in the ghetto club. back in the day.



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来ちゃったんだヌーーーーーーーーーン。awwwwwwwwwwwwww here we came.
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金曜日の夜。静かなプロペラ通り。pretty silence on the street at friday night.
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連れてきてもらったの。he brought me the club.
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鏡。レコード。mirror and vinyl.
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ETHOS ケイくんとイケダくん。mr kei and ikeda from ETHOS.      photo _MG_1965_zps7d8577bf.jpg
すごくクールな選曲だった<3 his sellect of songs is heck tight <3
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i want this vinyl.
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dance style of mr itao's wify.
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nice view.
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手のひらの東京タワー。tower of toyko on my palm.
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get some crunk.
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peeping on me.

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あの曲欲しい。i want that song.
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すっごく久しぶりに逢ったね。”X-Large → FUCT → VISION” な彼。i haven't seen you long time as fuck. ha. his job was X-Large, FUCT, VISION now.
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同級生。was classmate.
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いつも面白いオタケ。funny dude as always.
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DJなんとかサンの隣でワタシ。me beside some DJ.
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hard out here for a pimp.
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was good time.
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抜け出して”ココ”に来た。sneak away and here we came.
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美味しそう♡ yummy yummy yummy♡
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ワタシの来た!ぁぁぁああああ美味しい!my noodle!absolutely delicious! photo _MG_2028_zps5a4c9465.jpg
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誘ってくれてありがと。thanks asked me to the party.