cherish the day

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並んでる。making line forget in.
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一年ぶりに食べるネ。it's been a while. we ate the noodle.
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モネのジャポニズムが一番カッコ良かった。monet is the best of japonism style damn awesome.
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カシュクールのドレスとsuicokeのサンダル。彼奴のvampサングラスをかけて。彼奴はポロスポーツのボクサーショーツ。20年前に私が履いていたもの。ウフフ。cache coeur dress and suicoke sandal. tryna put on his vamp's sunglass. he wore the boxer pant of old polo sport which i wore the short pant about 20yrs ago. 
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夜はまたタイご飯。we ate thai foods also last night too. hahah.
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ドンチャックな水曜日。lovely wednesday.


no ordinary love

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車修理中。待ち時間。バスに乗って。tryna get on the bus when my car is repairing.
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ココへ。ベルガモットとレモンティードーナツ。here i came. i ordered the bergamot & lemon tea doughnuts.
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夏の夕方。summer twilight.
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迎えにきた。came swoop .
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彼奴といつもの場所。the same spot as always with him.
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夏の光。summer light.
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he ordered not much taste ice cream hahah.
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we were talking about we should have something like put my heart into work or somethings.

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彼女のメイクすき。i do love her make up.

i totally changed about my style by my new job lately. today i got new dress who famous model is wearing. 
imma wear the dress on wednesday.
good night and love you.


summertime madness

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綺麗。beautiful fire works.
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バルコニーより愛ヲこめて。whole bunch love to you from balcony.
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甥っ子ちゃんはお父ちゃんが作ったショーツ履いていますわ。my nephew wore his dad's brand core fighter shorts.
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花火ごはん。tonight meal for fire works.