it's been a long day without you my friend 

        and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again 

             we've come a long way from where we began 

       oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again

 when i see you again

hyke x adidas 届いてからはじめて履く。いろんなことがあって疲れた。なので国立のcircusでランチして。可愛いヤツ買って。酵素風呂浸かって。そんな土曜日。at last i dressed hyke x adidas kicks. so sick of relationship with coworker i got some mixed up with the bitch shit don't piss me off shit hum then imma go to have lunch at kunitachi city, bought some lovely happiness dog and go to enzyme bath spot thiss my saturday today.

ベッドをきれいにして。出かけよう。凡て馬馬馬のラルフローレン。 make clean on the bed. all stuff is Ralph Lauren.

国立。器の店。vessel stuff store at kunitachi city.

茹で鶏。boiled chicken bowl.

女は時として籠に萌ゆる。sometime somehow drove women crazy about basket.

背負い籠も可愛いんだなぁ。i do love also back carrier basket too.

糠と大鋸屑の酵素風呂に浸かって。親戚の家みたいなところで寛ぐ。so relax after took enzyme bath. i feel like sitting at my family's living huh.

どんなにリラックスしても汗が引かない。恐るべし酵素の力。break out in sweat even i'm chillax long time that enzyme power.
この間はvolvoディーラーで傘買ったの。今日は竹の籠買ったの。i bought a umbrella by volvo the other day and i bought a basket today. yep.

ただいま。here i'm back. 

阿亀の面をつけた。put okame mask on.

福犬。もぉぉおおお可愛いすぎルゥ。hapiness dog. look sooooooo damn cute. i love it.

月曜日と火曜日と雨の水曜日。about monday to tuesday and rainy wednesday.

施設で伊豆高原に来た。快晴。海から靄が上がる。here nursing home came hotel at izukogen city in shizuoka prefecture for biz trip! beautiful day today and hazy on the sea.

おはようを言うのに3分はかかる障がいを持った女の子に撮ってもらった写真。handicapped person took picture of me what she takes time about 3 mins for say good morning that her wiz disability.

二日目の朝。朝陽が海に輝く。day 2. the sea is shining by sun.

ネコバス。燥ぐオレ。。so excited i'm on the cat bus by mr hayao's film. 


旅行土産はトトロのメイ🦀。蟹座だから?!キョウは一日中ダラダラダラ…ダラ。ザックリした刺し子でバスマットを作ろうと思いたつ。雨の水曜日。for my trip souvenir is may's crab. so relax at home in the rainy wednesday today and somehow make me want to quilting of bathmat.

先週あたりのこと。about last week was.

起きたと同時に。💩漏らした!と思った。i was like wow i took shit on my bed. hahah.

ぷくぷくなシールだった。appear the stickers.

volvoのディーラー行って。吉祥寺行って。at kichijoji city after dropped volvo store.

bal x suicokeのサンダルと。障がい者の方が織った生地で作った巾着と。bal x sufcoke sandal and lil purse by handicapped lady weaved the fabric.

茶の愉にて。マンゴーパイと出雲茶。at chanoyu in kichijoji city. mango pie and green tea from izumo city.

ダリアを眺めて。枕カバーの交換デス。looking beautiful big dahlia as change pillow case.

立ち姿が美しく。standing pose is beautiful.

ダリアと無花果。schwinnのレモンピーラーとcripsブルーのローライダー。土曜日の雨。dalia and fig schwinn lemonpealer and crips blue lowrida. good morning saturday in the rain.

time to go to bed and good night.

ぁぁぁぁあああああああああキョウは甥っ子ちゃんのバースデー。14歳になりましたの。青春ど真ん中やね。aw my nephew's birthday today became 14 yrs old.


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