she is a pearl

彼女は真珠。彼も真珠。そんな日。she is a pearl he is a pearl that the day.
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久しぶりにコーンブレッド食べたくなった。チリビーンズも作った。some how i want to eat that then cooked corn bread and chilli beans.
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彼奴と。色色雑多。恵方巻きとチリビーンズとコーンブレッド。ate it with my buddy.
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そんなときに。金網つじの網焼きが届いた。セラミックの部分が変わっていた。i recieved that stuff but unfortunately changed ceramic stuff hum.
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久しぶりにエスプレッソ淹れてみた。try to made espresso.
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彼奴を送って。近所の店に来た。here i came after took him to work.
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白磁の8角形。欲しかったんだ。i've been wanting white porcelain of octagonal style.
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コレも可愛いなぁ。also this one is look so good huh.
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またまたもんじゃ。もんじゃ。もんじゃ。好き。we came again hahah.
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mott the hoople流して。playing mott the hoople.
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二人でお抹茶飲みたくて。練り切りも一緒に。i want to drink deep green tea with my buddy then i got japanese sweets.
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八角形。白磁。青磁。octagon white blue.
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おやすみなさい。また明日。good night.

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