midnight at oasis

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bridge来たよーん。here we came bridge.
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ETHOSケーくん。mr kei from ETHOS.
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これはケーくんとケンセイくんがやっていた古いmwobhmのTシャツ。このお方mwobhmのTシャツを二枚重ねという贅沢な着こなし。above the T shirt is made by mr kei from mwobhm that old one and mr kei and mr kensei's clothing brand. that dude's is true style in luxury.
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ETHOSのイケダくん。mr ikeda from ETHOS.
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fuctのエリックやん。基、visionのマサちゃん。look like erik brunetti from fuct. mr masa from vision street wear. 
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ケーくんとマサちゃん。mr kei and mr masa.
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ケーくんと一緒にマサちゃんの芳しい髪の薫りを愛でる。mr kei and i are smelling mr masa's sweet smell hair and we love hahah.
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X-Largeのバンダナは娘のもの。とのこと。like he said his daughter stollen dad's X-Large bandana.
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マサとオレ。masa and i.
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Bridge ナイト。
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ヒロミちゅんも。here ms hiromi comes.
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got somebody she is a beauty very special really and truly って楽しかったよぉ。でも白いお化けkillaの曲のほうが盛りアガってたけどね。much fun his choice songs WW and ghost face killa and others. cherchez la ghost tear them up!
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2枚目のmwobhmのTシャツを着たdudeとそれを作ったケーくん。dude changes 2nd mwobhm T beside mr kei who made that T shirt long long time ago.
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重い音が良い感じ。i do love heavy beat.
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denseくんが描いたTシャツ。一緒にzineのイベントに出たことがありましたわね。懐かしき。お元気でしょうか。連絡先失う。mr dense draw the monster on T shirts. mr dense and i had zine event before that back in the day. hopefully see you one day again holler at me!
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本日も有り難き幸せ。thanks asked to me to come with y'all.

雨のウェンディーズ。about rainy wednesday.
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懐かしいまっすぐな道。すずかけの木が並ぶ。a straight load and platoons trees.
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味噌汁、白飯、焼き魚で一致。miso soup, rice, grilled fish that we agree.
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マサちゃんの鯖をチェック。check dude's lunch. photo 5880304a-f57f-4f85-b3eb-edff5675970e_zpsnc497o0d.jpg
そんなこんなでマサちゃんから届いたトロ鯖の写真。きゃーーーーん。mr masa sent me the lunch meal picture.
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道場みたいな定食屋。look like martial arts training hall restaurant.
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味醂漬けの何だっけ?この魚。忘れた。i forgot what fish is. hum.
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ゴロゴロした。wanted to take nap on the big floor.
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珍屋へゆく。hitting record shop.
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日本盤は楽しい。japanese version is heck funny and tight.
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コンビニでお菓子買ったもん。カウチポテトだもん。だって雨だもん。chill and relax on the bed as eating snacks cuz rain outside.
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鬼美味。absolutely love it.
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オモロイ。funny ass.
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イラっとする。don't piss me off.
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家DJで。deejaying at home.

曇り月曜日。cloudy heart monday.

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百薬にて待ち合わせ。4連勤長かった。色色忙しかった。久しぶりに此処にきて良かった。meet him at our spot. i've been so MIA was so tired but i could relax with him and our spot.
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〆はチーズでクラッカーを挟む贅沢。lastly oredered cheese and cracker.

眠い眠い火曜日。sleepyhead on tuesday.

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むかーし昔のラルフローレンのドレスを着て。ブリッジ行こう〜っと。imma go to bar bridge with classic Ralph Lauren dress.
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葉唐辛子。i got pepper's leaf.
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唐辛子と葉の佃煮。鬼辛くてお腹痛くなっちゃった。peppers and leaf boiled down in soy. pepper got me stomach hurt. damn it.
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彼奴から。タカシのスタンプ。ワタシも買おうかなぁ〜。my buddy sent me ex coworker's stamp. i might buy it ummmm.
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残った唐辛子の葉を生けました。useless pepper leaf decorated.

偖、今夜は夜勤。支度して出かけますか。get ready to go to night duty.

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